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Nursing Program

College of Health Sciences

Bethel University's Nursing program has a proud tradition of graduating outstanding nurses who are leaders that positively impact on the quality of patient care.

a nursing student speaks with her professor during an anatomy lab

Welcome from the Director

Welcome to the Bethel University Department of Nursing.

We are so glad you are interested in becoming a nurse and are giving consideration to our Nursing program. Should you decide to earn your Baccalaureate of Science degree in nursing at Bethel, you will have the opportunity to develop into a nurse well-prepared to begin practice in a respected and fulfilling profession, and to provide patient care in an ever changing and complex healthcare environment. At Bethel, we have a proud tradition of graduating outstanding nurses who are highly sought after – nurses who have a positive impact on the quality of patient care and possess the ability to care for patients at any point along the healthcare continuum, nurses who are leaders, and nurses who are ready to pursue graduate education.

Our faculty approach nursing education as a collaborative endeavor. They work together to ensure all our students receive the assistance needed to realize their full potential as nursing professionals. Classroom, laboratory, and clinical faculty work as a team to provide our students with a seamless learning experience based on a three-stage instructional process. This process begins by having students review material to be covered in the upcoming class. Then, class time is spent discussing the reviewed material, answering questions, explaining concepts, and clarifying understanding. Following the class, students move to the nursing laboratory on campus to demonstrate comprehension of the material covered in class and to practice applying what they have learned. In the Lab, new knowledge is integrated with previously learned content in order to progressively develop each student’s competence and confidence. Finally, students go onsite at an actual healthcare clinical facility to practice what they have learned—both newly and previously mastered material—in administering patient care under tutelage of the faculty. This three-stage instructional process is repeated throughout the program to prepare students to provide evidence-based, high-quality, safe patient care.

Come join us! We’d love to help you become a nurse.

Delecia Parker, DNP, MSN, RN
Director for the Department of Nursing

Why Choose Bethel Nursing?

As a nursing student at Bethel, you can be guaranteed we will do everything we can to help you to become one of our outstanding graduates. And as one of our exceptional graduates, you can expect to be highly recruited by local healthcare employers.

To learn more about completing a traditional Bachelor of Science degree or about the RN to BSN program, visit the Nursing Program Academic Information page. 

Rankings and Outcomes

Bethel University's Nursing Program achieved a 100 percent first time pass rate for the 2023 graduating class.  The four-year pass rate for the classes of 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023 was 90 percent.  Bethel's Nursing Program has been rated #15 of the 52 schools of nursing in Tennessee.

  • Area

    Percentage of Success

  • Completion Rate

    >70% within three years of full-time enrollment in the Nursing program

  • Employment

    100% of those seeking employment

  • 1st-time NCLEX pass rate

    >95% in the last four years

  • AACN/EBI Graduate Exit Assessment

    > mean 5.0 on factors measured

  • AACN/EBI Undergraduate Nursing Alumni Assessment

    > mean 5.0 on factors measured

Junior Nursing Camp

Open to all high school students, Bethel's two day camp will introduce core concepts of nursing through class discussion, simulation labs, and fun projects. Experience college life at Bethel as you engage in social activities and eat in the dining hall. Cost is $50 for both days and includes lunch and T-shirt. 

To send in an application from your high school counselor, address your envelope to:

Bethel University Dept. of Nursing, ATTN: Delecia Parker,
647 Stonewall North, McKenzie, TN 38201

For more information, contact Delecia Parker:

Dr. Delecia Parker
Director of Nursing
(731) 352-6477

Contact Us

If you would like to come in a speak with someone, you may find us at Bethel University Department of Nursing, 647 Stonewall North, McKenzie, TN 38201.

Nursing Line: (731) 352-6499
Fax: (731) 352-4589

Meet the Faculty and Staff

Please feel free to reach out to any of our faculty or staff with questions. We're here to help.

See All Faculty and Staff
  • Traci Shepherd

    Simulation Lab Coordinator/Administrative Assistant, Nursing Program

  • Glenda Wothers

    Assistant Professor of Nursing

  • Sandra L. Smith

    Assistant Professor, Nursing

Professional Licensure

Please note that the Bethel University Nursing Program meets the requirements for professional licensure in Tennessee. Students seeking licensure in another state are responsible for contacting the appropriate licensing board in that state to verify Bethel's program complies with the requirements.

Board of Nursing State List